Recovery is a new way of living life. Living clean and sober opens people up to whole new ways of having fun and enjoying life. Our program strives to introduce clients to this new way of living by incorporating wellness, activities, outings and recreation.recreation first steps

In Addiction, wellness wasn’t a priority, and neither was recreation. Addiction may start out fun, but it rarely ends that way. For many people, old hobbies and interests fall by the wayside while the pursuit of using drugs or alcohol takes center stage. Some people begin using so early on in life that they never get the opportunity to discover who they are or what they like. People new to recovery often have to learn or relearn how to enjoy activities that other people take for granted. They also have to learn to choose healthy recreation that nurtures their body and their mind. Recreational activities are an important part of our wellness program.

What Does Our Recreation Program Consist Of?

We are lucky to have our program location situated in one of the most beautiful areas on the west coast. With Yosemite as our backdrop, it is only natural that many of our recreational activities would be centered around the outdoors.

Nature is abundant here, and it offers numerous opportunities to get out, stretch, breath the fresh, crisp air and get moving. Hiking, walking the grounds, exploring crystal clear creeks and just sitting and listening to the sounds of the vast outdoors can be both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. This environment heals and challenges the body, mind, and spirit.

recreation first steps 3Outings Help Build Cooperation, Community, and Leadership

Whether it is going out for a group hike or boating around the lake, our outings are an opportunity to build and improve interpersonal skills, confidence, leadership and communication. These are basic skills that are needed after treatment to begin building a life that is productive and satisfying. Persons who are lacking these basic skills upon leaving treatment are more susceptible to relapse.

How Physical Fitness Fits Into Recovery

Recovery is a process, and healing the body is a part of that process. Participating in physical fitness is a good way to begin that process and keep it going. Whether it is going for a walk or a jog, or organizing an impromptu game of catch, getting moving is a great way to not only get exercise but also to have fun.

Spending time in nature has long been known to have a healing effect on the body and mind. Here you will find nature at its finest, with mountains and valleys, waterfalls and caves. Plenty of trees and lush foliage and green space to roam around. There are boating activities, swimming and more. There is time and space to sit and reflect, and plenty of opportunities to socialize in a relaxed, natural atmosphere.

recreation first steps 2

Being physically active, whether working out at the gym, hiking a challenging trail or playing a team sport, is a proven self-esteem builder. Learning to rely on your body and building strength, endurance and competence increases confidence.

Most importantly, though, recreation gives clients the opportunity to discover who they are, what they enjoy and to develop new interests and passions that they will carry with them after treatment. This helps create an identity beyond the identity that they carried as an active addict. This identity has limited them in the past. By letting go of this false identity and beginning to forge a more authentic one, the foundation of true recovery is built.

First Steps recreation program schedules regular outings and field trips to locations such as Yosemite National Park,  the Underground Gardens at Chamber Lake, numerous hiking trails, boating trips and more.

Where To Get Help For Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, our treatment program can help. First Steps offers a flexible program that is tailored to the individual. We offer cutting edge addiction therapies in a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere. Our program can help you overcome addiction and start living the life you deserve. Call 1-844-BIG-STEP to learn more about our program.