When you or a loved one decide to seek professional help for your substance abuse issues, you are making a major life decision. While you may be ready and willing to tackle your addiction head on, the biggest obstacle that stands between you and your recovery is dealing with those feelings and emotions that are buried deep within yourself. While therapy, counseling and other treatment programming is extremely effective in helping you overcome your substance abuse, they may not work when you are trying to reach the deepest depths of your emotions.brushed

In order to help bring these feelings forward, many drug treatment centers are using expressive therapies such as art therapy to help addicts uncover those events and feelings that have kept them stuck in their substance abuse. If you are seeking to truly heal from the devastating effect of your addiction, call First Steps Recovery today and find out more about our effective art therapy program for addiction in Clovis.

What Exactly is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is more than tossing paint on a canvas or doodling random shapes. Art therapy programs allow clients to use their creativity and imagination to make create art that expresses what they truly feel in a healthy and productive way. Through art, clients are able to expand the ways they communication in order to help convey what they truly are thinking and feeling in the present. Art therapy programs for addiction in clovis are especially helpful for those people who have underlying psychological issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. A great benefit of art therapy in drug treatment it that it allows an individual total freedom of self‐expression and is a more open form of communication in comparison to traditional talk therapy methods. Clovis art therapy programs provides an opportunity to explore, understand, and resolve issues in a person’s life, and it gives clients a greater sense of self‐confidence and esteem. When clients develop a better sense of self‐worth, they are better able to work through their substance abuse issues.

What Are the Components of a Clovis Art Therapy Program For Addiction?

With a Clovis art therapy addiction treatment program, you woman in art therapywill be able to take part in a wide variety of creative activities such as painting, drawing and sculpture. Through art therapy, you also will be introduced to other forms of artistic and creative expression which have immense therapeutic value in addiction treatment and includes dancing, music, acting and writing poetry. Experienced art therapists use all available creative mediums to create a new way to express your inner and true self in ways you never thought were possible.

For example, you can work with your therapist to design visual journals that combines words and images to detail your day‐to‐day life. You can also create family sculptures as a way to bring your family relationships to light. Additionally, therapists will also allow you to create spontaneous art so you are able to truly bring your candid thoughts and feelings to the forefront. Regardless of the medium used or your artistic ability, a quality Clovis art therapy addiction treatment program will help communicate, self‐reflect, and better understand yourself.

What Can You Expect From Our Art Therapy Program for Addiction in Clovis

First Steps Recovery’s art therapy programs are led by experienced treatment staff who will conduct a comprehensive evaluation for each client in order to gauge their specific needs. Therapists will help each client express their long‐hidden feelings, insecurities and emotions in a variety of ways. First and foremost, therapists will help the client work out their current feelings and experiences through the use of artwork in order to initiate deeper conversations. Second, therapists will allow clients to use their imagination and creativity by producing their own original artwork or interpreting the deeper meanings of existing artwork from masters like Van Gogh. By receiving this type of assistance, clients can feel safe and empowered to express their innermost feelings through their own work and are finally able to give those feelings a voice and are then able to work through them. Art therapy programs for drug addiction gives clients the tools and means to understand their addiction and helps nurture the development of healthy coping skills.

Break the Cycle of Addiction with Help From First Steps Recovery’s Art Therapy Rehab Program

If you or a loved one is seeking to free yourself from the devastating impacts of substance abuse and addiction, you want to use every tool possible to achieve that goal. To help you dig deeper into the underlying causes of your addiction, First Steps Recovery’s art therapy program will help you work through those experiences that define your addiction. If you are looking for an effective drug treatment program that features art therapy, contact First Steps Recovery today.