Nate Davidian First Steps Recovery

Nate Davidian

Nate Davidian

Client Advocate/Business Development

Over his three years of experience in addiction treatment, Nate has been in various positions, including behavioral health technician, detox specialist, and case manager. His current responsibilities as a client advocate and business development rep, Nate spends his time ensuring that every First Steps Recovery client has the best possible experience.

Among many other duties, this might include redirecting clients when they want to leave before completing treatment, engaging in crisis intervention, and streamlining the communication between clients and their clinical team. On the business development side, Nate fosters strong working relationship with individuals in the greater addiction treatment community that want to help the substance use disorder population with likeminded ideals and ethical standards that align with First Steps Recovery.

Nate cares deeply about every client that chooses First Steps as their treatment provider, and he works diligently to ensure they have the best experience and a positive, sustainable outcome. This is brought about thorough a caring and compassionate approach while being direct with clients—making sure their interests are always served first.