Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment in Clovis, CA

What Is It? Intensive Outpatient Treatment offers clients the ability to receive the personalized level care offered with inpatient treatment, but the flexibility to continue their daily lives.

IOP Addiction Treatment Options in Fresno, CA

Substance use disorders affect each individual in a unique way. Some find that within their addiction they become incapable of carrying out the most basic of daily tasks. Their addiction progressed in such a manner that they cannot rise to met the pressures of the world and so they lapse into an isolated existence, consisting only of substance abuse. For individuals whose addiction displays itself in this way a higher level of care may be necessary in order for them to overcome their addiction and find a life of freedom in recovery, but for other individuals, whose addiction has not progressed in this manner, or who cannot uproot their lives in order to seek treatment, a less stringent level of care may be all that is required. Our IOP Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment programs in Fresno focus on using proven and effective methods resulting in successful recovery.

Sometimes, inpatient treatment may be either an unnecessary level of care, or it may be impossible for some. This does not mean that these people cannot receive the same caliber of care that other addicts and alcoholics who go away to treatment receive, it just means that the type of treatment they receive needs to reflect their personal needs.

By attending First Steps Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program, you can continue to work during the day and attend sessions at night or vice-versa and in doing so you can receive the benefits of addiction treatment without affecting your finances or work life.

Who Needs an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

This level of care is perfect for professionals that cannot completely stop working for one reason or another and need to find a way to fit their treatment program into their work schedule.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is also a great option for people who are raising a family and they cannot leave for 60 to 90 days in order to overcome their addiction. Individuals who need to be home at night in order to care for their family can take advantage of our daily group sessions and still be home in time to cook dinner and put the children to bed. This also means that the family can have a more hands on approach to the client’s recovery and having familial support is an integral part of the recovery process. First Steps Recovery offers IOP drug an alcohol treatment programs at our center conveniently located in the Central Valley, in Fresno County.

What to Expect

Clients attending First Steps Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program will receive access to all of the therapies and amenities that their Inpatient Program counterparts receive, but at the end of the day they will go home to their families and friends. For many who attend our program this is a necessity and we understand that getting free from drugs and alcohol does not have to mean neglecting your previous responsibilities.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program consists of individual psychotherapy, group sessions, our numerous holistic and supplemental offerings, such as, art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy, and more. Everything that you could expect out of our Inpatient program you can expect to receive in the Intensive Outpatient Program.

Possible Drawbacks

Choosing to go to Intensive Outpatient over Inpatient does however come with its own set of challenges, as a person who chooses this route will not be removed from their environment during their early recovery. They will go home to the same house that they drank or used drugs in and, more often than not, be around the same people that were there during their active addiction. This means that they will have to learn to navigate these murky waters in real time, and will not have the added luxury of being removed from their current situation. Luckily, with the support that First Steps Recovery offers in our Intensive Outpatient Program learning to cope with daily life while you are still early on in recovery is attainable.  

Choosing an IOP in California

Only you and your family know which level of care will work best in helping you overcome your addiction and create a new life in recovery. If you believe that staying at a treatment facility is what you require in order to finally halt your addiction then check out our Inpatient treatment program. However, if you need the flexibility of being able to continue working and carrying on your responsibilities then our Outpatient treatment program is for you.

If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction and would benefit from our Fresno County outpatient rehab, call First Steps Recovery at 1-844-BIG-STEP (1-844-244-7837). Our intake specialists are available to give those in need a free assessment, matching individuals to the treatments that can help them to overcome chemical dependency. Call today to begin recovery in the Yosemite foothills.

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