Inpatient Residential Drug Treatment Center Clovis, California

At First Steps Recovery, we offer extended programs that last up to three months, affording residents a drug-free, serene environment in which to focus on recovery and receive quality, effective treatments. Our inpatient drug treatment center in Clovis (Fresno) offers proven and effective methods for successful recovery.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab at First Steps Recovery in the Central Valley

As a disease, addiction is unique in that its development depends on a complicated confluences of factors that can be biological, environmental, and developmental. This means that addiction can occur as a result of a genetic susceptibility, due to exposure to substance abuse, as a result of personal choice, or some combination thereof. Moreover, the effects of addiction are profound and varied, resulting in the deterioration of health and behavior. Not only does the body deteriorate in a number of ways due to habitual substance abuse, but individuals who suffer from addiction often damage or destroy important relationships, lose jobs and homes, and experience many other resultant hardships. Our drug treatment center in Clovis (Fresno County) serves the entire Central Valley. We regularly have patients from all across California and even throughout the country.

Although it’s a progressive and chronic disease, alcohol and drug addiction can be overcome. At First Steps Recovery, we offer extended programs that last up to three months, affording residents a drug-free, serene environment in which to focus on recovery and receive quality, effective treatments. Our goal is to help every resident achieve lasting, long-term sobriety through our inpatient drug rehab in Clovis County.

Treatment that lasts between 30 and 90 days is often given as the minimum duration for an individual to achieve optimal results.

Long Term Rehab Options in Central California

When an individual develops an alcohol or drug addiction, the chemical dependency becomes central to his or her life. Interests, ambitions, and even basic self-care fall by the wayside while seeking and imbibing one’s substance or substances of choice are the primary goals of each day. If an individual were to cease consumption, he or she would begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, which is what keeps many addicts from seeking treatment. With addiction being such an all-consuming disease, an effective addiction treatment program must be of sufficient length to not only help an individual achieve sobriety, but also learn to sustain sobriety long-term. We offer long term drug and alcohol rehab services at our First Steps Recovery facility in Central California. Much of the available evidence suggests that the longer an individual spends in treatment, the greater his or her chances of remaining sober will be.

Continuous Care

Our inpatient alcohol and drug addiction rehab in Fresno County offers individuals an extended period of treatment in which they reside on-site for the duration of the program. This allows residents to benefit from a highly individualized treatment experience with continuous monitoring and quality care by our team of detox and treatment experts, experienced clinicians, and physicians. Moreover, upon admission one of our counselors will help each individual create a personalized treatment curriculum that consists of a combination of evidence-based counseling and psychotherapy as well as a variety of holistic and supplemental treatments, allowing us to address each of a resident’s individual recovery needs and preferences. As part of the intake process, we consider residents’ needs at all stages of recovery—from detox to aftercare planning—which can involve coordinating with local programs, healthcare, and medical professionals, and nearby outpatient services to ensure that each of our residents’ needs are met to promote lasting sobriety.

Healing Environment

From the moment an individual step’s onto the First Steps Recovery grounds, he or she is meant to feel at home. A safe, drug-free environment is essential to an inpatient recovery program, but we take that much further. Rather than the sterile, clinical environment of many other treatment facilities, our facility is a comfortable, picturesque ranch that’s nestled into five acres with incredible views of Yosemite. Residents are encouraged to enjoy the grounds as well as our many on-site amenities, which includes several televisions, games, and a beautiful patio. With a maximum of only six residents in residential treatment at a time, each individual will have plenty of personal space and privacy while still being able to socialize and bond with other the residents in treatment. Between the breathtaking scenery, the accommodating amenities, and the recreational offerings of our comfortable ranch, individuals can truly focus on the healing process.

Consistant Quality

While in our inpatient alcohol and drug rehab here in Fresno County, residents will receive continuous care and be monitored through each step of the rehabilitation process, ensuring their safety at all times. In addition to offering inpatient addiction treatment, First Steps Recovery also offers detox services, allowing individuals to overcome physical dependency and begin treatment for addiction in one place, treated by some of the same physicians, specialists, and clinicians. Additionally, First Steps Recovery makes use of a variety of “comfort medications,” which are intended to alleviate any discomfort that occurs as part of rehabilitation; this includes the use of medication to help individuals relax, sleep, or to alleviate anxiety. Through a combination of counseling and psychotherapy, group sessions, and our numerous holistic and supplemental offerings—art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy, and more—residents acquire a healthy lifestyle and the relapse prevention skills necessary to sustain long-term sobriety upon their return to the community.

Take the First Step

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a continuous struggle, but recovery doesn’t have to be. At First Steps Recovery, our detox experts, experienced clinicians, and physicians are devoted to making recovery a comfortable, serene, and successful process. Situated adjacent to Yosemite and offering breathtaking views, First Steps Recovery makes individuals in recovery feel so peaceful and at home that, they never want to leave.

If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction and would benefit from our Fresno County inpatient rehab, call First Steps Recovery at 1-844-BIG-STEP (1-844-244-7837). Our intake specialists are available to give those in need a free assessment, matching individuals to the treatments that can help them to overcome chemical dependency. Call today to begin recovery in the Yosemite foothills.

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