Music is all around us, and no matter where we hear music, it can help shape our emotions and mood. We may not think about it in these terms, but music has both a profound and powerful influence on our lives. Whether we listen to in the car, on the turntable at home, at the gym or at our favorite sporting event, music touches us in deep and profound ways. It can be difficult to explain how music affects man playing guitardeeply affects us, but it allows us to feel and communicate honestly and openly when words fail. There is no doubt that music holds great power, and there has been an increasing scientific body of work that is finding out how beneficial music therapy is in helping people heal from a variety of emotional and psychological issues. Since music has the power to transform lives for the better, it is logical that drug treatment has embraced music therapy programs with more frequency in order to help those people stuck in the rut of substance abuse. If you are interested in learning more about how a Clovis addiction music therapy program can help you recovery, call First Steps Recovery today.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy in drug treatment setting utilizes music and various forms of music expression in order for clients to self‐reflect as well as to assess where they are at right now and where they want to be in their recovery. Done in a safe and supportive environment and through the direction of an experienced music therapist, those in music therapy sessions can engage in a variety of activities that go beyond just listening to music. The range of activities and exercises found in a Clovis music therapy addiction program can include participation in drum circles, learning the basics of a musical instrument, composition, and songwriting and interpreting song lyrics.

The Benefits of a Clovis Music Therapy Program for Addiction

For those who participate in a music therapy program as part of substance abuse treatment, they can experience many benefits. First, it helps reduce the significant stress that can accompany early recovery by increasing one’s woman with a recordinnate relaxation response. Secondly, undergoing treatment at a Clovis addiction music therapy program can be of great benefit to those who deal with a co‐occurring mental disorder such as depression and anxiety along with their substance abuse. Oftentimes these deep underlying issues are the root of their addiction, and these issues must be addressed and resolved if the addict has any chance at a meaningful long‐term recovery. Music therapy addiction programs can also help clients the sense of loneliness and isolation, and can help alleviate feelings of boredom.
Boredom is a common relapse trigger, and the use of music in treatment programming can help the addict keep their mind active. Additionally, a music therapy program can help recovering addicts regain focus in their everyday affairs and get rid of the mental fuzziness that can accompany the early recovery process. When used in the addiction treatment process, music therapy can act as a gateway to other forms of creative therapies such as art therapy as well as popular holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation

What Can You Expect from First Steps Recovery’s Music Therapy Program?

When you decide to come to First Steps Recovery and go through our music therapy program, you will have the support of an experienced professional every step of the way. Our musical therapy staff will conduct a comprehensive assessment gauging your specific needs and what form of music‐based intervention will suit your particular needs. No matter if you are learning to improvise on a musical instrument, creating your own specific playlist or combining your love of music other therapies, the individualized recovery program you receive will allow you to maximize the benefits you receive. A great benefit of our music therapy program in Clovis is the fact that you don’t have to listen to one form of music. From classical to country and from rock to punk and every genre in between, you can help choose and personalize your own “recovery playlist” that will help inspire and motivate you in your recovery journey. You will greatly benefit from our music therapy program—no matter you age or musical ability

Break the Cycle of Addiction for Good with First Steps Recovery’s Music Therapy Treatment Program in Clovis

Music has the power to heal, to inspire and to completely transform your life. If you or a loved one are looking for a quality drug and alcohol treatment center in Clovis that includes quality music therapy programming, First Steps Recovery will provide you music therapy programming that can help you recover in mind, body and spirit. Call us toll‐free today and let the power of music totally transform your life.