Field Trips and Outingsfriends out watching a movie

The time spent in treatment is filled with learning, self-discovery, skill-building and yes, even having fun. There is a sense of camaraderie among clients in treatment as they learn and grow together and begin the journey of recovery.

In addition to counseling, group therapy, education and other recovery-oriented activities, clients at First Steps will   participate in a variety of outings and field trips during their stay in treatment. These could include trips to outdoor locations for hiking or swimming, social events, movies, barbecues and more.

Why Are Outings And Field Trips So Important?

On the surface, it may not seem like outings and activities would really contribute to the recovery process, but nothing could be further from the truth. Taking time out in between groups and therapy provides valuable opportunities to develop a sense of community, build trust with staff and practice many of the new skills that are learned in treatment.

Developing rapport with staff, is an important part of the process. Treatment is only a short period of time, and much work is done in that space. It is important for staff to foster trusting relationships with clients in order to make the progress that is needed.

guy hugging his friend

For many addicts new to recovery, something as simple as socializing or dealing with the public without using substances is unfamiliar. Having a conversation, trying something new or being in a large group of people clean and sober isn’t necessarily easy for someone who isn’t used to it.

This is one reason why it is good to confront this discomfort while still in the safety and security of treatment. Social anxiety can be a huge trigger for a recovering addict. Learning how to relax, approach people, mingle and just have fun while clean and sober can make the difference between long-term sobriety and relapse.

Making Recovery Attractive

A common fear and misconception about sobriety is that it won’t be fun. People often associate drinking and using with being social and having a good time. Some may wonder how they could possibly enjoy a concert or a barbecue or a birthday party clean and sober.

friends having fun

Outings and activities help dispel the myth that living clean and sober is boring or devoid of fun. This is important because, after all, life is meant to be enjoyed! If a newly recovered person has the impression that sobriety is dull and serious then it doesn’t seem very attractive. People who have experienced all that recovery has to offer know the truth: Recovery is far more fun than active, addiction! Of course the only way to really know that is to experience it, this is why First Steps believes in outings, activities, and field trips.

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