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6 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening

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To give a concrete definition of what exactly a spiritual awakening can be a bit difficult. Different people will experience different things during their spiritual awakening, so to try and sum it all up in one simple definition is next to impossible.There are some things that all people will have in common. They will become more in tune with themselves, they will have a stronger and deeper understanding of who they actually are and what is real to them. When a spiritual awakening occurs that person will have a better relationship with themselves and a more positive outlook on life in general. Their personal relationships will flourish, they will be able to build stronger friendships and be more in tune with the world around them. Once a spiritual awaken has been had the person will be happier with who they are, they will be able to better handle emotions and let go of things like anger and deal with sadness with greater ease. The benefits of a spiritual awakening for those in recovery from drugs and alcohol are obvious, but how do you know if you are on the verge of having a spiritual awakening?



  1. You Feel Like You’re on an Emotional Roller Coaster

Have you noticed that your emotions seem to be all over the place? Before a spiritual awakening occurs you will notice that emotions seem to change faster than the weather in Florida. You may notice that you are crying more often than you ever have before. You may go from happy to sad and back to happy all within a few minutes. With this new emotion may come some pressure in the middle of your chest, don’t worry that is just a pile of emotions pressing down on your heart, it will be gone soon. Let the emotions flow through you, what you are going through is part of the growing process. Try to refrain from pushing these emotions on other people, it’s not their fault you feel this way.

  1. New Found Energy

Have you recently been springing out of bed early and ready to conquer the day?  A spiritual awaken can do that. You may notice that your sleeping patterns have changed but you feel even more rested in the morning. Some people will sleep for 2-4 hours and then wake up, feeling like they have enough energy to get out of bed and take on the day. You may notice huge waves of energy that flow through you during the day, welcome these waves and make the best of it. If you are having issues falling asleep at night try practicing meditation before you hit the sack.

  1. More Vivid Dreams

Are your dreams becoming more intense and more realistic? Are you waking up in the morning and having trouble figuring out if that dream was real or just a dream? You may wake up saying “What the hell was that?” All this is normal when going through a spiritual awakening. When going through a spiritual awakening you mind will begin to races and thoughts and ideas will become more intense and frequent. This transcends into your sleep, some of you may even experience lucid dreaming, where you feel like you have complete control on what is happening in your dreams. Don’t try and force anything if this is happening, just let it be. You’ll remember what you need to remember and forget what you don’t, just go with the flow.

  1. Increased Motivation

You have noticed that you are using your time more wisely, you’re no longer scrolling through Facebook reading pointless status after status you are out there doing something productive. Funny cat pictures have been put on the back burner and you’re using your new energy to better yourself and those around you. You may find yourself with an increased level of integrity, you are treating yourself with more respect and you are constantly seeking out the next best thing you can do. You are finding it easier to say “no” to people in a situation that can negatively impact you. Your job performance has increased, friendships seem to be stronger than ever and even your love life can get better.

  1. A Better Memory

Recently old memories have been coming to mind for the first time in years. Some of these old memories may not be the most positive and that’s ok, we all have bad memories and bad experiences; just make sure you are dealing with them properly. You tend to be less forgetful of everyday things, you remember where you put your keys, when you walk into a room you are able to more easily recall why you went in there. A schedule can become easier to follow, managing time and stress is now something that is done with greater ease.

  1. A Sudden Harmony With the World Around You

Small things are bothering you less, they seem to brush off you like a light ash. You and everything else in the world seem to be in the right place. You may start to appreciate animals and nature more, the sounds of leaves rustling and birds singing may bring a certain type of peace to you that you haven’t felt before. You are more in tune with the world around you and you couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

Need Help Reaching a Spiritual Awakening

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