First Steps Recovery Frequently Asked Questions – Treatment

Family Calls / Phone Call / Family Group / Family Integration

Client calls: Client can be approved for 3 phone calls weekly, if the relationships are healthy, supportive, and beneficial for clients recovery. If these relationships aren’t, phone calls may be unapproved, or clients per their clinical team will reach out to other family members/friends/sponsors for support.

Also, there may be times when the client requests “no phone calls.” And First Steps Recovery honors this request.

Lastly, if clients are not program compliant, or behaviorally compliant, they might have family phone calls denied.

Family Group: Males are on Sunday, Females are on Monday

If these relationships are determined healthy, case managers will collect the email addresses for all families that plan to attend. Our clinical team sends invitations, including family group information, times and Zoom links when appropriate.

Group Participation

Work/School and other time sensitive tasks need to be completed outside of group time. Typical group Monday-Sunday is 09:00-11:00 AM – 01:00-03:00 PM and 03:00-05:00 PM.  This ensures clients are in group participating and working on their underlying issues.

Family Updates after Admissions

These are handled by your family member’s case manager. Please make sure you have their information during the admission process. In some cases, client’s may choose to keep their clinical information private and deny family access to their case.

Other Barriers / Information / Case Management Tasks

Legal / Probation

Our case managers will assist clients in contacting probation weekly, if needed, and adhering to all legal issues regarding reporting and documentation.

FMLA / STD / Unemployment Benefits

If your family member has been employed for over 1 year at full time they will be entitled to FMLA benefits, which secures employment. STD or Short Term Disability is used to collect, typically, 66% of normal pay during the time of absence. If their company doesn’t have STD benefits, our case manager will assist with SDI or state disability insurance through EDD.


We complete and or help with all sorts of barriers to treatment and outside issues. If you or your loved one need guidance with a particular aspect of addiction treatment, please ask your case manager for help.

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