Stefani Koda, BSW, RAD T, Director of Client Resources

Stefani Koda

Stefani Koda, MSW, CADC-III

Social Worker in Business Development

As a social worker, Stefani connects individuals to resources in the community as well as collaborates with the private and public sector entities to create a cohesive relationship with the recovery community. Stefani also coordinates the aftercare and alumni programs and has successfully increased participation with individuals as they are encouraged with peer support through their continuum of care.

For the past two years, Stefani has had a variety of roles at FSR including case management, direct client support, outpatient management, professional development, aftercare planning, and business development. Stefani is a member of California Consortium Addiction Programs and Professionals, recently completed CCAPP Academy in March 2020, and is waiting to take the IC&RC exam to be certified as a CADC III.

Stefani has a bachelor’s in social work from California University State Fresno and is currently in the Advanced Standing Masters of Social Work Program at University of Nevada, Reno which is accredited through the CSWE. Stefani is committed to serving our community, promoting prevention and awareness, and developing and growing long lasting relationships as an advocate for adults and their families in recovery.