First Steps Recovery Alumni Program in Fresno, CA

The alumni program at First Steps is a rich and extensive support network of like-minded individuals who can offer each other encouragement and friendship.

Drug and Alcohol Alumni Program for Extended Support at First Steps Recovery

The effects of alcohol and drug addiction are diverse and profound. When one thinks of the ways a person is affected by chemical dependency, one often imagines the physical effects and damage caused to the body. However, there are a number of developmental and behavioral effects, causing individuals to become withdrawn and reckless, sometimes even resorting to criminal behavior as a means of sustaining one’s substance abuse. Over the course of active addiction, individuals test the boundaries of important relationships, damaging or destroying them in the process.

Although the disease of addiction cannot be completely cured, the many effects of alcohol and drug dependency can be treated and overcome. Through a combination of counseling and psychotherapy, group meetings, education and skills-building sessions, and a variety of holistic and supplemental treatments, individuals regain their sobriety and learn the important skills and strategies that are essential in maintaining sobriety long-term. While treatment is instrumental in helping individuals to achieve sobriety and learn how to maintain it, there are other pieces of the recovery puzzle that are beneficial to those who are trying to maintain their sobriety indefinitely. For those who have completed treatment, the alumni program can be a valuable ongoing resource. Our drug & alcohol treatment programs in the Fresno area do not end after a client leaves. We offer extended care and support through our First Steps Recovery Alumni Program.

Community Matters

Addiction is a very lonely, self-destructive disease. Individuals who have spent years or even decades in active addiction will have frequently destroyed many of the positive relationships they had. In fact, many will have forgotten how to socialize without substance abuse as a facilitator. However, an important part of a comprehensive recovery is relearning how to socialize and communicate with others in a respectful way.

While progressing through an addiction treatment program, many individuals will form friendships with others in treatment, which serves as a support network during early recovery. As one continues with rehabilitation, he or she will continue to network with the sober community, meeting more like-minded individuals who are experiencing some of the same things and are supportive of sobriety. After completing treatment, one’s community and support network become’s a day-to-day resource to help secure one’s sobriety. The recovery community has been found to be an important part of lasting sobriety and is attributed to the success of many support and twelve-step groups.

Unique for Graduates

Those individuals who complete a First Steps Recovery program are invited to remain part of our alumni program. The alumni program is a network of First Steps Recovery graduates who maintain involvement in First Steps meetings, events, and resources that are intended specifically for program alumni. Members of our alumni program will benefit from special services and events that are only available to those who have completed one of our detox or treatment programs. The First Steps Recovery alumni program was designed to serve several purposes, including being a way for us to continue relationships with former residents, a means of offering continued support in order to reinforce graduates’ continued sobriety, and a way to provide fun activities and social events to graduates and their families.

Benefits of the Program

For those who have completed a program, there are many reasons to stay connected and involved in the First Steps Recovery alumni program. By connected with us through our alumni program, individuals can stay up-to-date on our progress and changes—including new services that are only for First Steps alumni—while benefiting from the continuous resources that we can offer. Perhaps more importantly, the alumni program is a rich and extensive support network of like-minded individuals who can offer each other encouragement and friendship. Becoming part of such a strong recovery community has shown to reinforce one’s sobriety.

The sense of community individuals get by participating in our alumni program is second-to-none. Through a variety of social events and activities, we can maintain positive relationships with prior residents and offer them a variety of ongoing services and resources that can help them to remain sober in the years to come. Moreover, the alumni program offers a variety of workshops, group sessions, and treatments for graduates that feel they need a little reinforcement in order to fortify their recovery. As such, the First Steps Recovery alumni program is part of a long-term plan that we have to help individuals achieve lasting sobriety.

Long-Term Healing from Drugs and Alcohol in California

Recovery begins when an individual recognizes that they deserve a better life and becomes willing to put forth the effort it takes to achieve it. At First Steps Recovery, we afford individuals with the tools to achieve sobriety and the support necessary to maintain it for the long-term. To learn more about our alumni program, and how we offer long term healing and support from drug and alcohol addiction in California contact First Steps Recovery today. If you or someone you know is suffering from chemical dependency and would benefit from treatment, call us at 1-844-BIG-STEP (1-844-244-7837) to begin the journey to sobriety and health.

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