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At First Steps Recovery, we provide both medical assistance and counseling to help you take the first steps on your road to recovery.

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What is First Steps Recovery?

First Steps Recovery is a residential treatment program with locations in Woodland Hills, CA and Clovis, CA that specializes in addiction treatment. We are committed to the safety, comfort, and success of every resident that comes to us seeking treatment. As such, we provide clients with all of the resources they need to sustain a life without drugs and alcohol, and recover from addiction, as well as provide the tools to help them learn how to enjoy life again. Regardless of whether you need to recover from alcohol or drugs, our programs are designed to help you manage your life.

And to ensure the future success of our client’s recovery, we advocate and specialize in coordinating aftercare by partnering with local programs, medical professionals and follow-up outpatient treatment in the greater Fresno and Central Valley area.

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What We Do

During the initial assessment, we determine the most effective and comfortable way to treat the underlying causes of your addiction. During this introduction assessment, all of the specific needs of the client become identified. We have found the most effective stage to determine the next phase of rehabilitation occurs during this process as well. The information you share with us enables us to better help you in your aftercare placement (if applicable).

Short-term recovery services are offered to assist clients who have barriers to treatment due to responsibilities at work or home, time, or financial restraints. Residential Treatment and short-term recovery are designed to prepare the client to engage more acutely in aftercare substance abuse treatment with other local outpatient programs and professionals.


While the most effective programs tend to be 90 days long, we offer short-term recovery services with the goal of transitioning clients to aftercare.


Alcohol addiction is a widespread dilemma that directly impacts individuals, families, and communities across all the world.


In Clovis, CA, live-in treatment & short-term recovery housing, has been extremely successful in helping people recover from heroin addiction.


Sobriety goes beyond giving up drugs and involves healing the soul. Our residential treatment center & recovery approach will ensure a safe way back onto the right path.


Recovering  from Methadone can be extremely hard. First Steps can accommodate to any addiction with the right counseling and treatment.


When it comes to Perscription drugs, people try to justify their usage due to having a prescription from a doctor.  Here at first steps we want to ensure that, we have a solution.

Ambien Addiction

Having a prescription drug addiction is very serious, and not knowing how to stop and stay stopped is difficult. We want to help show you or a loved one how to live substance free.

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If you or your loved one is looking for lasting recovery and find a way back to mainstream society, the first step is giving us a call.