Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse doesn’t occur in a single step. Instead, those who seek long‐term and meaningful sobriety must have in place a comprehensive plan of recovery that involves several important steps. The first and arguably most important step in the recovery process is successfully completing treatment Woodland Hills (Los Angeles County) detox program. Medical detoxification is a systematic and safe process in which you can gradually withdrawal from girl detoxingsubstances. With detoxification, you regain your physical and mental health and can easily transition into more intensive drug treatment to tackle your addiction head on.

If you or a loved one is looking for a drug and alcohol detox program in Woodland Hills, call First Steps Recovery today and talk to one of our member representatives about our effective detox programs.

What is a Detox Program?

As previously stated, medical detox allows you to gradually withdraw from the physical and psychological symptoms associated with quitting drugs and alcohol in a safe, secured and in an environment which is closely monitored by medical staff. Many drugs have significant withdrawal symptoms once you quit using them, and you can experience considerable discomfort and pain. Without proper medical attention, these withdrawal symptoms can become dangerous to your health and even become life‐threatening.

Medical detox had its origins in the 1970s when the medical model of treatment emerged. Prior to that time period, those who were intoxicated or showed signs of intoxication were often arrested and held in so‐called “drunk tanks” or other holding areas. Without medical intervention, individuals often had to handle the withdrawal symptoms “cold turkey” and sometimes with significant physical and emotional consequences.

There are Three Primary Objectives of The Detox Process:

1. Evaluation‐the testing of substances in the bloodstream, their concentrations and any co‐occurring mental or physical conditions that may accompany substance abuse as well as other medical and social assessments.

2. Stabilization‐assisting patients through the withdrawal process towards a stable and substance‐ free state.

3. Fostering Entry into Treatment‐preparing clients to enter formal treatment and providing encouragement and support.

How First Steps Recovery Can Help You Safely Detox From Drugs and Alcohol

When you make the commitment to undergo treatment at a Woodland Hills drug and alcohol detox center, you trust that the program you enter employs detox methods that are effective, proven to work and above all safe. At First Steps Recovery, we employ a comprehensive three‐step approach that will ensure that your detox experience will be as comfortable and tolerable as possible while providing the essential medical care that you need.

First, our experienced staff will the staff will work to manage and eventually eliminate the physical and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal that can pose a danger to your health. This is accomplished by allowing you to slowly taper off the substances you are addicted to until your body is completely rid of those medical detoxsubstances. In some cases, medications such as Suboxone or methadone may be administered, when done under strict medical supervision. By allowing your body to gradually rid itself of the toxins that have accumulated due to years of drug and alcohol abuse, you will be able to regain your physical and mental health.

Secondly, the staff at our Woodland Hills drug and alcohol detoxification center will carefully evaluate you for any co‐occurring physical or mental issues that may be the underlying causes of your addiction. Addiction to drugs and alcohol are often seen as a symptom of deeper issues, and medical detox process is important in discovering these issues. Once they are discovered, treatment staff can create an individualized treatment plan that can adequately address those problems which will give you a better chance at achieving long‐term recovery. Once you are substance free and stable, our Malibu drug detox program will prepare you for your transition into an intensive drug treatment program. Staff will introduce you to the drug treatment program you will be entering and will help familiarize you with the essential foundations of your recovery program which includes therapy, 12‐Step groups, life and coping skills training and other programs.

How Long Can I Expect To Stay at First Steps Recovery’s Malibu Drug & Alcohol Detox Program?

In general, the detox process can last anywhere between 5‐14 days, but the duration of detox can vary depending on several important factors which include the following:

● The length of time you have been abusing substances.

● The frequency of your substance use.

● The amount of the drug you have taken and the presence of other drugs in your system.

● Underlying medical conditions—diagnosed or undiagnosed.

First Steps Recovery is Your First Choice in Drug & Alcohol Detox in Woodland Hills

While it can be an experience that can be met with apprehension and fear, medical detox is a necessary step in your recovery process. First Steps Recovery is a premier drug and alcohol detox facility in Woodland Hills, and our programs are proven and effective to work and provided in an environment in which you will feel safe and comfortable. Our treatment staff will be able to create and individualized detox treatment plan that will fit your specific needs and give you the best chance at sustainable recovery.

Call First Steps Recovery today and take that first step in making your recovery a reality.