The pain, struggle and trauma that is associated with drug addiction can be difficult for those struggling with woman paintingthe disease to put into words. While therapy, 12‐step groups and other treatment programming are effective in helping uncover the underlying roots of one’s substance abuse, these interventions can fall short in trying to reach the deepest of emotions. In order to bring these feelings to the surface and allow time for an addict to truly heal, drug
treatment centers must employ alternative types of programming to accomplish that very important goal. Many drug treatment centers are turning to expressive therapies such as art therapy to help addicts give voice to those long‐buried emotions that have kept them stuck in addiction. First Steps Recovery’s art therapy program in Malibu can help bring forth hope and healing in your own recovery. Call First Steps Recovery today for more information.

What is Art Therapy?

With art therapy, those new in recovery use their creativity and imagination to make create art that expresses what they truly feel in a healthy and productive way. The ultimate goal of a Malibu art therapy program is for the person to expand his or her forms of communication in order to better convey what they truly feel and experience. Art therapy programs for addiction are especially helpful for those people who have underlying psychological issues related to their addiction, such as a history of abuse.

Since creating art is often a nonverbal process, it can expand the ways newly recovering addicts can convey their ideas and emotions. Ultimately, A Malibu art therapy program provides an opportunity to explore, understand, and resolve issues in a person’s life that he may not feel comfortable talking about in normal conversation. Having another way to convey the most visceral of emotions will give the addict a greater sense of self‐confidence and esteem.

What Are the Components of a Malibu Art Therapy Program For Addiction?

When you decide to take part in an art therapy program for substance abuse in Malibu, you will be able to take part in a wide variety of creative activities. Some of the activities that are found in art therapy programs include painting, sculpting, water coloring and drawing to name a few. During art therapy, you can also be introduced to other forms of artistic and creative expression which include dancing, music, acting and even poetry writing. A Malibu art therapy program is more than just splashing paint on a canvas or sketching random doodles on a sheet of paper. Art therapists can use all available creative mediums to create new forms of art that will allow you to express your inner drawing in a fieldand true self in ways you never thought were possible. For example, you can create a family sculpture as a way to bring your family relationships to light. You can also create a collage using magazines or newspapers to tell a story about certain life events that led to your addiction. No matter what the medium, a quality Malibu art therapy addiction treatment program will help you find your true voice.

What Can You Expect From Our Art Therapy Program for Addiction in Malibu

First Steps Recovery’s art therapy programs are led by experienced and credentialed art therapists who will conduct a comprehensive evaluation for each client in order to gauge their specific needs. No matter the medium chosen, therapists will help each client express their feelings, insecurities and emotions in a variety of ways. First, therapists will help the client work out their current feelings and experiences through the use of artwork in order to initiate deeper conversations. Second, therapists will encourage clients to actively engage their imagination either in the creation of their own art or interpreting the deeper meanings of existing artwork. Additionally, clients will be able to create their very own art masterpieces with assistance from the therapist. By receiving this type of assistance, clients can adequately express their innermost feelings through their work and are finally able to give those feelings a voice and are then able to work through them. Ultimately, Malibu art therapy for addiction gives clients the tools and means to understand their addiction and helps nurture the development of healthy coping skills.

Break the Cycle of Addiction with Help From First Steps Recovery’s Art Therapy Rehab Program

When you are looking to free yourself from the bonds of addiction, you want to use every tool possible to achieve that goal. To help you dig deeper into the roots of your addiction, First Steps Recovery’s art therapy program will help you work through those emotions and experiences that define your addiction. If you or a loved one has been considering art therapy as part of your addiction treatment and recovery plan, call First Steps Recovery right now.