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What Is a Court-ordered Addiction Assessment in Fresno, CA?

In certain legal proceedings that involve substance use in Fresno California, a judge may order an addiction assessment. Examples include driving under the influence, disorderly conduct while intoxicated, or possession of a controlled substance. This court-ordered assessment is used to analyze the severity of a person’s substance use issue, their history of abuse, substances used, dosage, and frequency.

This information can then help identify the appropriate addiction treatment to help the individual overcome the addiction. In some cases, a defendant may also seek this assessment prior to being mandated by the court, as a sign that the person is taking initiative and cooperating to work on the substance abuse issues.

Assessment Stages

Stages of an Assessment:
An court-ordered assessment is normally comprised of several parts:

* Screening: This is the initial stage that is used to identify whether or not there is a substance abuse problem. There are numerous different questionnaires that can be used in the assessments, including:

State-Made Inventory is a questionnaire developed by the state’s government. This may be used alone or in conjunction with additional resources.

Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI): This tool focuses specifically on alcohol abuse. This assessment considers the user’s lifestyle, providing additional context into their habits and choices.

CAGE Questionnaire: While this test only has four questions about substance abuse, the questions allow detailed answers that require honest reporting.

Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI): This test has a 93 percent accuracy rate. In addition to analyzing whether there is a drug or alcohol abuse risk, it also identifies the degree to which the person is willing to acknowledge the problem and seek change. It help identify the severity of the problem as well.

What to Expect

Once the screening is completed, the next stage is more analytical and in-depth, intended to identify the problem and provide a diagnosis. This stage typically would include a drug test. The assessment stage also helps determine if there are multiple issues, known as co-occurring disorders. This refers to a person who has both a psychiatric illness and an addiction, which accounts for approximately 60 percent of those who have an addiction.

Common assessment tools include:
Diagnostic Interview Schedule IV: The questionnaire follows is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and identifies whether the person meets diagnostic criteria for any mental illnesses.

Addiction Severity Index: This index analyzes seven areas of substance abuse: alcohol use, employment and support, family/social status, psychiatric status, medical status, and legal status. This takes into consideration factors that lead to and influence substance abuse.

Next Steps

* Follow-up: If the screening and assessment indicate there is a need for counseling or treatment, the assessment would also include a follow-up stage to check on the person’s progress.

* Referral: The final phase would include recommending a program, counselor, or treatment to the person, depending on the previous stages’ results.

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