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How Serving in a Support Group Helps You Stay Sober

The New Year is a time of taking stock. Looking at your past year, and looking ahead to where you…

Why Choose Rehab Over a Methadone Clinic?

A methadone clinic is a place a person can go to get medication-based treatment for an addiction to opioid-based drugs….

5 Reasons You Need a Sober Support Group in Early Recovery

There are a variety of ways you need support for your sobriety, especially in early recovery. 5 reasons to get a sober support group.

The Power in Being Powerless

Despite some criticism, admitting to a powerlessness over addiction has saved millions of lives. Here is more on how being powerless helps.

Why Choose Long-Term Rehab?

It can be tempting to opt for a less intensive treatment when looking for rehab options; however, inpatient treatment is almost always the right choice.

Why Community Is Important for Addiction Recovery

Recovery requires a community. Here are some of the reasons to find a support network and how that contributes to lasting sobriety.

This Gratitude Will Save Your Life

From the movie Good Will Hunting to positive thinking, here’s how gratitude works for your addiction recovery journey.

What Is HALT in Recovery?

Real recovery is lifelong and self-aware. The HALT principle helps us assess our current state-of-being and make choices that move us forward in recovery.

Alumni Program for Addiction Recovery

Why Is An Alumni Program Important for Addiction Recovery? You create relationships with people who deeply understand addiction You take…

The Unfortunate Connection | Trauma and Addiction

Trauma will drive a person to addiction, and ultimately you cannot find recovery until both the past and the present find healing.