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11 Questions to Assess If Your Drinking Has Become an Addiction

Americans are now drinking more than ever. The Rose-all-day marketing movement, the multiple beers while watching the big games, and…

Myth Breaking: Heavy Drinking and Heart Attacks

Small amounts of alcohol may provide some protection against heart attacks. However, excessive drinking puts you at high risk for heart disease and death.

How to Help an Alcoholic

You can’t save them, but there are specific actions you can take to help a loved one with alcohol use disorder get the help they need.

One Drink Is Too Many and a Thousand Never Enough

Wondering if you have an alcohol dependence? The truth of this phrase may help you decide.

Ingredients of Addiction

4 common reasons people become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Living With an Addict

If you currently find your self in the unfortunate situation of living with an addict, here are some ways to try to keep boundaries, space, and health.

How to Stem Your Alcohol Cravings

Help for recovering alcoholics dealing with urges to return to drinking.

What Happens to the Brain During an Alcohol Blackout

It’s fun here and there to tamper with the devil’s juice. We’re talking about hooch, grandpa’s cough syrup, liquid bread,…

Clinton and Trump’s Plan to Fight Drug Epidemic

“Let us not forget who we are. Drug abuse is repudiation of everything America is”  -our late great president of…

Long Term Toll Drugs Take on the Body

An extremely favorable band of mine by the name of Modest Mouse once said, “On this life that we call…